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Whether you are getting ready for the big wedding, or simply getting ready for a family or glamour photo session here is my list of things you shouldn’t do before your time in front of the lens.

  1. Facials. Do NOT get a facial scrub the day before your photo session. No matter how much it seems like this is a good idea, it is a disaster waiting to happen. The last thing that you need is for your face to be red, puffy, or even break out as a result of the torment of a chemical peel. If you feel like this is a must do procedure, make sure to give yourself enough time to recover. Do it at least a week prior to your photo shoot.
  2. Hair Cuts. Obviously you want to look great in your photos, but you do not want to get a radical new hair style a few days before your shoot. If you decide that it just isn’t you, short of reversing the gravitational pull of the universe to turn back time, there’s not much that you can do to change it. Keep your hair style! A pre-photo hair cut should be to clean it up and not to show how stylish, hip, and spur of the moment you can be.
  3. Crash diets. I know that you want to look your best in your shots. Everyone does. If you spend a week before your shoot trying to drop a few extra pounds using the “force your body to survive on crackers and ketchup packets” starvation diet, your going to look slimmer but you will also look famished. While it has never happened to me personally some photographers have had brides faint in the middle of their shoot due to lack of nutrients. A body requires a fine mix of nutrients, water, chocolate and any other junk I feel like eating when I have the munchies so BACK OFF! Relax… your going to look great in your shoot, so eat. It does a body good!
  4. Binge. Binge drinking that is. This one applies more to brides, grooms, and everyone else involved with a wedding. That party that your all planning to attend the night before the big event may be the stuff of legend that will be talked about for decades. But if this soon to be lurch fest depletes the alcohol supply in the 7 surrounding counties, I can guarantee that the thump in your head will only get worse every time the flash goes off. Not to mention, sunglasses don’t really go with tails.     
  5. Panic. Some people get so nervous about having their photo taken for a whole range of things that they simply panic. Particularly on their wedding day. You don’t want to look panicked in your photos nor do you want to hyperventilate to the point of unconsciousness. Spend some time practicing your breathing techniques, counting to 10, or walking in reverse in counter-clockwise circles to help calm you down. I really don’t have any idea if that counter-clockwise thing even works but at least it will take your mind off your nerves for a while so it’s worth a shot. 
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    • Bunny
    • November 10, 2008

    Sure now you tell me, just kidding. Great points.

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