Dilapidated pier in San Francisco Bay - Alcatraz is in the background
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I met my wife when I was 15 years old. You heard me right, 15. She was a bit older than I was and didn’t want much to do with me but I knew right away that we were going to inseparable. Fast forward 25 years and here we are, celebrating our 20th anniversary in the only way we know how, travel. My wife and I have a passion for world travels. In fact it is one of our favorite things to do. Together, we’ve managed see Mexico, England, Wales, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Italy and countless US States. Rest assured, there’s a long list of countries on our bucket list for sure. China is a must see for me personally, while my wife is longing for Greece. Sigh, we’ll see them and many others by the time we say goodbye to this world. You can be sure of that.

This year we are staying close to home and we’re going on a week long road trip to the vast expanses of Northern California. The San Francisco bay area (+ or – 350 miles) to be a little more precise. I’ve been to the bay area a number of times for various video shoots and trade shows, and I’ve seen the important sights many times. But, I’ve never had the opportunity to really “see”, and by see I mean photograph, the bay area (and my wife has never been).

We’re starting out by taking a 15 1/2 hour drive across the desserts of Nevada and the mountains of southern Oregon to a wonderful town 5 hours north of S.F called Crescent City California. According to their home page it the place where the redwoods meet the sea. It sounds like a wonderful way to start an amazing photographic road trip! Check back here often for glimpses of what I am sure will be some amazing fine art photography as we head south down the Pacific Coast Highway and into San Francisco!

For now i’ll leave you with shots from my previous adventures in the golden state.

Dilapidated pier in San Francisco Bay - Alcatraz is in the background

Where else can you find such a beautifully decaying pier other than the San Francisco Bay?

World Famous San Francisco China Town gate

The world famous gate to San Francisco China Town. It’s so unassuming and just smashed between a couple of very modern buildings.

Ghirardelli square in San Francisco

The worlds best chocolate? Maybe, I know I conducted plenty of taste tests at Ghirardelli square trying to find out.

Next week, I’ll share the first photos from our trip. Starting with what I hope to be a few seriously amazing photos of the redwood Forrest. I think I’m going to need a wider lens.

In the mean time be sure to hop over to our Fine Art Prints gallery and check out our growing collection of amazing prints. You’ll probably even see something from this post in there.

See you soon!

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San Francisco green and white trolley car

The Trolley’s are so fun! Coming from a state that doesn’t have great public transportation these are so amazing.

San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts has some fantastic Roman style architecture

Art is one of my favorite things and architecture is not far behind. The Palace of Fine Arts is a beautiful piece of architecture.

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