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Many of you may have noticed a couple of big changes here and it’s got you thinking–What do they mean and why are we changing?

Those are two very good questions. We’ve spent the last few months talking to our clients, and our potential clients, about what you would like to see when you visit our site. We got a ton of great feedback and ideas and we have gone through all of them and created a to-do list.

On the top of the list was glamour. Many of our customers said they wanted to see our portrait photography have it’s own site. It seemed overshadowed by Glamour and didn’t get the spotlight as much as you would have liked it to. We thought this was great feedback and we really wanted to deliver on this request. So we’ve build a new website–with it’s own URL–for all of our great glamour work. If you would like to visit just go to and tell us what you think.

What does that mean for From this point forward this website will be dedicated to our portrait and fine art photography. As well as some photography tips on how to take better photos at home. We’ll also be able to share more photos from our portrait sessions and give you great new tips on posing and picking out a wardrobe for your family sessions.

Does this mean it’s the end of all the changes? Not just yet. We will be redesigning this site to have a brighter, fun, and inspirational feel that will focus on great portraits and some of our newest fine art photography. We’ll also be simplifying our navigation and making it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Thank you for all of your feedback as well as your patience as we make these changes and bring you a better experience!

Cameron & Jody VanAusdal


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