A sketch of a beautiful girls face from some old pencil sketches
By: Cameron On: July 15, 2017 In: Art Comments: 0

I’ve been going through old sketch books recently. You know, looking at pencil sketches, thumbnails, and concept drawing and I have to say, and it’s been a total blast. Some of the sketches are horrible and will never see the light of day. They’re truly awful, and probably need to be burned. No Joke, they’re that bad! But, I’ve found a number of old sketches that I not only forgot about, but I forgot that I loved them.

Are the sketches perfect? No, but, I made them and I’m┬áproud of them, so, I’m going to share them here. I hope you enjoy them the way I do. Also, I’ve got a lot more to go though so I’ll probably be sharing these old drawing (mixed in with some new) for a few weeks. Some of them may even be available as prints in the near future. If you see something you love, keep an eye out for it. You just might be able to hang it on your wall.


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