Crown of Lies - Original Sketch and Art by Cameron VanAusdal
By: Cameron On: December 26, 2017 In: Art Comments: 0

Ladies and gentleman, I give you my original piece called Crown of Lies. It’s an interesting name, I think.

How did I come up with it? Great question. I’ve always had a hard time naming my work, I’m just not that imaginative when it comes to describing my work, so the title always eludes me. In this case, however, this title fits the piece. As I was working out the early sketches I always had a crown in mind. It’s obviously not a crown in the traditional sense but a crown none the less. And this guy just looks like a deceiver, so I think the title fits.

This piece is digital and was created using both Sketchable and Photoshop. Visit my Patreon page for a full breakdown of how I created the piece. I have step by step images and a few videos that show it in detail. Don’t forget, you can support my work on Patreon for just a few dollars.

Crown of Lies - Work in progress - Sketchable - Original art by Cameron VanAusdal

Prints are available here on Canvas, Paper, and Metal in a range of sizes. It looks amazing on any sub straight but I am partial to the metal print. It looks beautiful and showcases the subtlety of the details in a way that the canvas prints do not.

Don’t like this piece? That’s ok. My work is diverse and there is something for everyone! See more of my work here, I’m sure you’ll find something that speaks to you. For random sketches and thoughts about art be sure to check out the Art category here!

As always, I love to hear your opinion of my work, as well as ideas for future pieces. Thank you for following me and supporting my work!

Crown of Lies - Original Sketch and Art by Cameron VanAusdal

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