By: Cameron On: March 27, 2009 In: Photos, Random Thoughts Comments: 0

This weeks photo comes from a calendar that I recently finished. I really liked this shot for the month of March.

I learned a few things from this shoot that kind of surprised me.

First, it is kind of hard to keep your energy level up when shooting for a long period of time. It takes a minimum of 13 shots to make a calendar and shooting that in one day can be a challenge.

Second, It is a total blast! Working together to get 13 amazing shots is not only fun but challenging. Coming up with fresh ideas, and collaborating on a project that goes beyond a simple photo is the challenge. But it’s oh so rewarding when it all comes together, looks amazing, and delights my client!

So the next time you approach a shoot, or prepare to be photographed, think about the final product. Maybe a calendar will give you that unique keepsake or gift that makes you get noticed!

Thanks for reading my blog! See you next week with another photo.

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