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With summer coming to an end I decided that it is time to post dome of the shots that I have taken this summer. We can stop and reminisce too long, as fall is here and when the colors begin to change photography really gets fun!

In this series of photos we had a great day of shooting under a very hot sun.  I loved the location I have shot there a number of times and I always love the shots I get. The sun was in just the right position to use it as a great rim light for these shots. For those of you who are wondering I used a silver reflector to get some fill in the shadow side of her face.

I really liked the warm colors of the sun and the rail car but I wanted a more stylized look so I decided to play around with them a little in post. I changed the color temp of these shots to be around 6500K. That gave them a really great golden yellow tone. Then I over saturated all of the blues to pull back some of their individuality. The final step to these shots was a sepia filter at 50% opacity. I think it gives them a great look, A little bit old, a little bit new, a little bit desaturated, and a little bit of pop. They are going to look stunning on metallic paper!

Give them a look and don’t forget to leave your comments!

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    • Vickie
    • October 23, 2009

    Great photos. She is a beutiful girl.

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