Cameron VanAusdal

Exploring Beauty in Light & Dark

Art, and creating art, are firmly planted in my earliest memories. Drawing and painting was my safe place when the world seemed scary and dark. Over time it went from a coping mechanism to a passion and a drive to create. So much so that I never considered a career that wasn't centered around the expression of creativity. In early adulthood I pursued a degree in arts and visual communications - with an emphasis in illustration. During my studies, I was exposed to photography as a tool for cataloging the world in which I would illustrate. It was so much more than that as it would become the most impactful tool in how I communicate with the world. Since then, I have been snapping away as a portrait, landscape, and product photographer for over 25 years, and I've been creating my own drawings, paintings, and illustrations along the way.

I have a unique take on the world and its beauty. My experiences, and the people who have influenced me, have given me an alternate perspective on what makes something beautiful. Which is why I explore the beauty and optimism of light in one piece, while confronting the darkness of the abyss in another.

I find the vastness of the universe both mind-blowing and humbling, and I love to explore that through my photography work. At the same time, I delve into the personal and intimate by capturing my own fears through my traditional art. The fear of the unknown, the fear of what's in the dark - it's all fair game for me. Although sometimes I get trapped in the dark and must work to find my way back to light. Which isn't always an easy thing to do.

The human experience is a complex, fascinating, and sometimes dark thing, and I aim to express that wherever I find it. Whether it's the bright, hopeful pieces or the darker, introspective ones, I hope my work can bring you either a sense of peace in the blinding light or quiet reflection in the smothering dark. After all, FEELING is what art is all about. 

My artistic process uses diverse media and tools. I always carry a camera, a sketch pad and a pencil (or twelve). When I'm out I'm always on the lookout for interesting light to photograph.

With my camera, light and pixels are my medium. I can't always manipulate the light, but I can manipulate my subject or my vantage point, and more importantly the pixels. Once I get the image back to my digital dark room, I can do anything to make the piece I saw in my head. 

Speaking of pixels, most of my drawings and paintings are digital and reproduced on canvas, metal, or paper, however I have mastered both the pencil and the airbrush and they are my tools of choice when I choose to do physical art.

When I create, sometimes a picture is enough, other times I have to paint it, and often more than once before I'm satisfied. Either way, I am compelled.

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